The Leader in Security Controls Assurance SaaS Solutions

Circumventive reduces Internet Security Risks with an innovative Exfiltration Testing solution, which for the first time enables organizations to identify and manage their outbound vulnerabilities and threats, as effectively as inbound risks, verifying and validating security controls; and ensuring network integrity.

By Testing from the inside out, Break Out™ identifies:

  • Outbound Holes
  • Network Integrity & Policy Enforcement
  • Security Effectiveness & Data Leaks

We do not make the Internet security that organizations use, we make their network security better.

Outbound Risks are Too Numerous, Easily Exploited, and Must be Mitigated

There are only a few ways into a network, but thousands of ways out. When criminals or adversaries break through your inbound perimeter security, or are already in and called employees, they have the keys to the kingdom and can rob you blind in seconds.

Why Exfiltration Testing

Exfiltration testing of the network perimeter from the inside out fundamentally changes how you think about security. It enables you to reduce Internet security risks and protect your information assets by simply testing if your outbound controls are working properly and persistently. Circumventive is leading the charge into a new market with Break OutTM, a disruptive software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology that will change Internet security forever.

Why Break Out™

Break Out™ is a revolutionary network exfiltration testing solution that identifies real outbound security risks. It is the only product that tests a network’s perimeter egress to identify security holes that enable hackers—or employees—to steal information or otherwise harm your company.

Break Out™ is the first—and only—solution to test the efficacy of all outbound network security defenses to measure outbound risks quickly and accurately and identify inconsistencies between your policies and the reality of your security configurations, so you know exactly what and where your risks are. It extensively tests those security systems to pinpoint network vulnerabilities by showing what traffic can route undeterred through those controls. This is radically different than the typical approach of testing a single autonomous host system to determine what can connect to it or how it can be compromised.